$50.00 / hour personalized development includes:

Graphic design, Java, CGI, Perl, PHP, Ad Banner Design,
Flash, FireWorks, Director, Mini Promo CD's.

We'll work with you, instead of what they build is what you get.

If you want to have a certain style, we'll give it to you, after all it's your site and your paying for it, you will however, be consulted on
marketing strategy (a good thing).







Email us for current pricing based on your needs. We can beat most hosting

packages and can include personal support.

Omni Web is a person oriented business, we give where the others don't.

2000 MB Web Space, 20 E-mail Accounts, 10 Forwarding Accounts,

auto-responders, FTP, Weekly Backup, SSL(secure sock layer)

Need More? Ask, we have more robust packages available.

Globally accessible in real-time. 99.90% Uptime

Can include your Domain in our Que. for regularly scheduled Search Engine submissions.

We will customize a package to fit your needs, and give personal service, plus tech support.


Domain Purchasing

Depends on current pricing deals.

Make a name for your self.....We'll secure and procure.

For Domain availability, go ahead , throw a name at us.

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